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Asbestos Disposal: Handling Asbestos Disposal the Mazzei Group Way

We at the Mazzei Group know that the potential dangers associated with asbestos disposal are a serious matter. Mainstream use of asbestos in the construction of buildings began in the 19th Century. Asbestos materials were commonly used for their average tensile strength, absorptive capabilities, and their relatively high resistance to heat, electrical or chemical damage. And for that reason many builders incorporated asbestos into materials such as pipe and ceiling insulation, as well as drywall, roofing, and flooring.

In dormant form, asbestos imposes no impending threats to your health. However, when that asbestos is disturbed for any reason, fibers from asbestos can be released into the air and the inhalation of such fibers can pose serious health risks. Among the ailments associated with prolonged asbestos exposure are lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Asbestos lung cancer, and any other form of “asbestos cancer”-causing diseases, pose formidable risks to your well-being. Therefore, removal of asbestos is necessary and pivotal – and the manner in which asbestos disposal is executed is crucial. Asbestos removal alone is pointless if not properly handled to abate the release of asbestos fibers into the air.

The Mazzei Group is a duly licensed company with a specialized knowledge and expertise in asbestos and asbestos disposal. The Mazzei Group is certified by the NYC DEP and the NYS DOL to both assess the extent of any asbestos related hazards and perform any asbestos disposal warranted. While it may be true that when in good shape and if left alone asbestos can serve its intended purpose and pose no real threat to a person’s health, should that asbestos become decrepit or begin to deteriorate, the risk of inhalation and sickness increases exponentially. That is precisely why asbestos assessment and abatement must be left to professionally trained asbestos removal technicians. At the Mazzei Group our dedication to excellence and attention to detail allow us to ensure that asbestos will not pose a problem for you at home, at the office, or anywhere else.

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