Green Building

Green Building is a design and construction practice that promotes the economic health and well being of your family, community and the environment.

The Mazzei Group has been restoring homes & commercial buildings for over 20 years. To eliminate waste & energy, we restore plaster walls instead of tearing them down. We remove paint & refinish wood moldings instead of replacing them. We jack up and fix up what others would knock down. We point & restore brick & concrete. When we do demo we recycle or reuse all waste materials.

When planning the design and construction of your home we first evaluate what we can utilize in the existing space and repair or restore it. Than we design your home or office creating a space that will not have to be remodeled again, thereby saving energy & resources in the future. Before designing additions, we look to add living or working space to your home by remodeling your basement & attic.

Green Wood – Available woods include FSC certified wood, NW Regional, reclaimed & recycled, Bamboo, wheatboard & sunflower seed plywood, straw paneling, natural cork, wool carpets & bamboo flooring.

Renewable Energy – Design & installation of new or retrofit Solar Heating Systems, Photovoltaic panels, Solar Hot Water Systems, Heated air collectors, Wind Turbines & Geo Thermal heat pump systems.

Purified Enviroment – Natural paint, No VOC paints, solid wood flooring, air filtration systems, unbleached cotton fabrics & formaldehyde free furniture.

Water Conservation – We install high performance shower heads & low flow faucet aerators using less water and less hot water. Other water conservation installations include dual flush toilet bowl, rain catch systems for yard & garden, roof water systems, planting drought resistant shrubs & plants with layers of mulch.

Jena Wellness NYC

Bamboo flooring, wheatboard custom cabinetry, water filter, low flow faucet aerator, gallery spots and custom morals.


Services include: Home Renovation, Add a Level, Additions, Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels, Sunrooms, Exteriors, and Basement Remodeling.

The Mazzei Group is a versatile construction company.  We will spend the time necessary to evaluate your renovation and choose the best approach with respect to construction & materials needed. We offer design services and always look to restore existing structures before building new saving our clients money. Many homeowners do not take the time to research their options. We will take that time and provide our residential property owners with value, quality-driven restoration, renovation, and building services.


We are fully licensed and insured to perform residential construction projects in the state of New York.


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