The Mazzei Group Construction was selected and accepted the invitation to build out a restaurant in four days by the Discovery Channel for their new construction makeover series.

The one hour prime time docu series uses their construction know-how to not only rescue restaurateurs and save small business owners from stalled renovation projects, but to help give local businesses that are at the heart of their communities a pick-me-up! Whether establishments need to be redesigned for functionality or rescued from disaster, the ultimate goal is to improve local businesses and the communities in which they live.

The Mazzei Group Construction goal was to rescue a Downtown Staten Island restaurant from a construction nightmare. Endless delays and poor contracting left the owners desperate and out of cash. Piles of garbage and poor construction required a total makeover.

Ettore was chosen for two reasons, his expertise in the construction business and his 30 years experience building renovating & operating restaurants, catering halls & hotels.

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Day 2: Wednesday 2/17.  The interior build out began to include stage, 2 VIP areas, skylight, back bar with niches, coat room and buildout for three unisex bathrooms & one handicapped bathroom. Plumbing, electrical & HVAC rough was quickly started following the buildout. Sound proof insulation was installed. Bluestone Drywall, were patiently waiting to cover the walls with white. 1pm The first breakdown occurred. The lights did not arrive and the ceiling had to be rocked. A split second decision was made to change the new construction lights to old work, leave a whip and rock the ceiling. At 3pm the engineer decided the fluted block exterior wall was unsafe and must come down. Scissor lifts were raised and the hammer guns went to work. Joey Lagner & his team from Fine Line Construction started demolition and was complete in three hours. They worked through the night to frame the 2 x 6 new wood wall.

Day 2 Photos:

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