Since 1978, Duro-Last has been America’s leading roofing for contractors for every building project. They say that Duro-Last Custom Fabricated Roofing System is created with the highest quality standards, which is why they said Duro-Last is the ‘World’s Best Roof.’

Why should you should Duro-Last?

www.mazzeigroup.comDuro-Last Roofing uses factory prefabrication to give a quality-assured product by producing 80-85% of the seaming in an controlled environment, which can reduce the liability of all involved parties. Those using this product will have a peace of mind knowing only 15-20% of the seaming is done in the field. Duro-Last is also is made into large sheets from up to 2,500 sq. feet and up to 100 feet in length. This prefabrication reduces field seaming and installation time!

Duro-Last is classified s a co-polymer alloy and is a proprietary thermoplastic formulation that consists of resins and plasticizers, stabilizers, biocides, flame-retardants, and U.V. absorbents. It is laminated to a weft insertion knitted scrim that is available in white, tan or gray. Below, we have listed facts and reasons why you should consider using Duro-Last and you will surely find out why Duro-Last is considered the leading roofing material

  • Duro-Last since it is published with 15 to 20 year warranties to give buyers and owners maximum protection.
  • Installing Duro-Last is clean and safe to use. It contains no messy or hazardous materials, nor any noxious or offensive vapors.
  • It is also good for installing during the coldest temperatures, so you won’t have to postpone construction.
  • Duro-Last has met or exceeded all major fire and wind code requirements as well as regional approvals necessary throughout the country. Its design can provide consistent watertight integrity you expect.
  • Duro-Last has a nationwide network of 1,800 dealer/contractors, plus over 600 manufacturing/corporate employees and sales representatives that with their combined efforts, ensures Duro-Last’s tradition of producing excellent products and services continue to do well into the 21st century.