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HardiePlank is an alternative to Vinyl & Wood siding. Out of the three most common sides of siding, Wood, Vinyl and HardiePlank, Vinyl is the least expensive and wood is the most expensive. Hardi Plank is a happy medium. The Mazzei group will proudly design your home or business exterior and install HardiePlank making it look fabulous for many years with little or no maintenance.

Here are some HardiePlank facts and comparisions:

  • HardiePlank is fire resistant unlike wood and vinyl which is combustible
  • HardiePlank is green, made from abundant materials to include sand cement and cellulose fibers and is warranted for 50 years.
  • HardiePlank is available in many colors or you can order it primed and paint it any color and it looks much like wood.
  • HardiePlank is as thick as wood. In comparison to thin Vinyl siding, HardiePlank is much more sturdy.
  • HardiePlank is insect resistant..
  • HardiePlank is cheaper than actual wood siding, but more expensive than vinyl.

If you are interested in purchasing and installing HardiePlank on your home or business, please contact The Mazzei Group at 347 723 1825 or email us at ettore@ mazzeigroup.com.

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