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In a time where Americans are becoming more conscious of both their environment and wallets, the idea of a dual flush toilet is nothing short of revolutionary. This cutting edge advancement in toilet technology allows a user to choose between different types of flushes. When one needs to dispose of liquid waste, the toilet has a specific flush function which uses less water for liquid waste than it would for solid waste.

Dual flush toilets may be another defining moment in the development of the American john: the introduction of environmental conservation to the process of elimination. Interest in low flow and dual flush toilets is on the rise in the United States, due in part to increased government regulation and the rising cost of water, and there are incentives for making changes in the way we use the commode. In the next sections, we’ll see why change may be a good thing, learn more about the specifics of the dual flush and find out how government and business are coming together to help America flush responsibly. (Via HowStuffWorks.com)

The other prominent benefit of a dual flush toilet system is that it can help cut down the water bill significantly. Installing a dual flush uses 67% less water than the ordinary toilet, which would translate to considerable savings on your monthly water bill.

If you’re interested in having a dual flush toilet installed for either environmental or financial concerns the Mazzei Group can install a brand new dual flush toilet system. If a new toilet is not in your budget we could also convert your standard flush toilet into a dual flush.

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