www.mazzeigroup.comThe U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that renovations and repairs of pre-1978 housing must now be conducted using safe practices to protect children and pregnant women from exposure to lead-based paint. Almost a million children have elevated blood lead levels as a result of exposure to lead hazards, which can lead to lower intelligence, learning disabilities, and behavior issues. Adults exposed to lead hazards can suffer from high blood pressure and headaches. Children under six years old are most at risk.

The lead-safe program will protect children and families from lead-based paint hazards associated with renovation and repair activities in houses built before 1978. This rule requires contractors to follow some simple and effective lead-safe work practices to prevent children’s exposure to dangerous levels of lead. Lead poisoning is completely preventable.

EPA proposed the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule, which requires contractors to be trained and certified in lead-safe work practices and starting implementing it on April 23, 2010.
When we renovate a home built prior to 1978, we assume there is Lead and renovate in a safe manner to prevent Lead dust from being released in the air and from settling on all surfaces in the household. If Lead settles in the household, children get it on their hands and lick their hands causing Lead to get into their blood. Most people are unaware that Lead has a sweet taste.

Always use a contractor trained and certified in lead-safe work practices and request a copy of their certificate. The entire staff at the Mazzei Group Construction are trained and certified in lead-safe work practices. In addition several of the staff are certified in Lead Abatement allowing them to permanently remove from the interior and exterior of residences and businesses.

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