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After coming into the general contractor’s arsenal as a material used in the construction of skate parks, Skatelite has seen considerable usage as a eco-friendly option for siding on both commercial and residential builds. Made of pressed paper and resin, Skatelite is durable enough to withstand the most vigorous skateboard session, heat resistant, and unaffected by paint thinners and other graffiti removal tools.

As a result of those properties, Skatelite has potential to become the next big thing in the world of alternative siding. For example architect and avid skater Paul Masi actually used the material to side his own home, as well as using it as his kitchen floor, countertops and facings for appliances. While working with The Discovery Channel on Construction Intervention, The Mazzei Group also used the technique to give Staten Island ultra-lounge Locale, it’s unique appeal.

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